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Be the Strong Independent Woman You’ve Always Wanted

Everything You Need to Know About Our Organization 

Our team at Her-Community2 in Deer Park, New York is dedicated to ensuring every woman has control of her life using different platforms. Browse through frequently asked questions to learn more about our podcast, blog, and public access cable program. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please speak with us so we can discuss it further!

1. What is Her-Community2?

Her-Community2 is a medium and a supportive organization that empower women through social media.

2. What topics do you cover?

We cover anything related to women. This includes but not limited to politics, education, career, family, and other trending topics.

3. Where can I find Her-Community2?

You may visit our blog website at You may also tune in to us on local public access, YouTube, and podcast platforms.

4. How can I submit an idea for a show or become a guest?

Please fill out the submission form. You may also you can contact us directly at 631-946-2480.

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